Pokemon: Battle Revolution Nintendo Power Wii Strategy Guide

Pokemon: Battle Revolution Nintendo Power Wii Strategy Guide

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This strategy guide is in used condition unless marked as the brand new variant. It does not include anything else besides the strategy guide. Please refer to the condition guide below for an estimate of item quality.

Strategy Guide Condition Guide:

  • Brand New - The item is still sealed from the factory. The box or packaging plastic wrap might minor wear.
  • Near Mint - Guide has no noticable flaws at first glance. Looks new, but might have minor scratches or flaws.
  • Lightly Played - Has minor scratches and/ or wear on the pages or front cover. No noticable wrips or damage, but has been lightly used.
  • Moderately Played - Item has minor to moderate damage and the wear can be seen at first glance. The damage or wear is more prounounced than lightly played.
  • Heavily Played - Item is heavily played with major creases or tears.
  • Damaged - Item binding might be damaged, pages might be ripped. This item is clearly damaged.

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